XLsucker - Automatic Penis Pump

XLsucker - Automatic Penis Pump

XLsucker - Automatic Penis Pump od značky s dlouholetou historií XLSUCKER je momentálně ve výhodné akci. Pořiďte si tento produkt online a neřešte zbytečné fronty v obchodě. XLsucker - Automatic Penis Pump , zboží pořídíte ted u nás za 888 Kč

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Now it's easier than ever to pump your cock to a bigger and better size! Penis pumps are the most advanced, non-surgical erection enhancers on the market. XLsucker is a plastic cylinder that fits over your penis and helps you get an erection – or a bigger erection – by suction. As the air in the cylinder is sucked out, the vacuum pulls your penis into the cylinder and more blood rushes into the penis. After removing the cylinder, the result is a temporarily bigger dick and a more impressive erection! Built to add length and girth to the penis, or achieve and maintain an erection. XLsucker creates a vacuum in the chamber which then draws blood to the penis making it larger. Pump users usually report an increase in their length or girth after regular penis pump usage. For the best effect, you’ll want to start slow. Apply a little lube to the base of the pump to create suction and a good seal. Slide your penis (but not the testicles) into the cylinder, squeeze the pump slowly and watch your penis grow. Pay less than other pumps with this easy-to-use one-step enhancement system! Quality and low price in a great pump! You’ll find that pumping also increases intense sensations for masturbation or sex with a partner. Never pump to the point where it becomes painful! Pumping is meant to be a fun experience! - High quality clear plastic housing with marked measures. - Push button air pressure release. - Handy automatic electronic trigger. - 4 AAA Batteries are required (not included). - Made of TPE and ABS plastic material.

Erotické pomůcky pro muže - Vakuové pumpy

XLsucker - Automatic Penis Pump

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